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#62   2017-05-09 Mircea ivanov Email
Hi,offer Romania caps ! Mircea
#42   2017-01-14 ALBERT BADIA Email
Hello, Are you interested in changing me? I am from Barcelona Spain and I am especially interested in caps from Russia. Regards Albert
#23   2016-05-17 Václav Čutka Email
Hello, I am from Czech Republic. I am interestedin some caps from you... Do you interested in caps mainly from Czech and Germany? I can send you some scans on email.. Please let me know. Best regards Václav
#21   2015-12-30 ALBERT BADIA Email
Hi, I'm interested in changing caps in Russia and neighboring countries. I can offer caps of Spain, USA and Canada among others. Regards Albert
#20   2015-11-27 Antony Email
Hi I'm from France. I want to change caps with you. I have got a full set of 104 euro caps.. And for sure others beers caps :) Hope to read you soon
#19   2015-11-21 peter holmqvist Email
Hi I am interedted in Finland related caps with foreign signs. for instance koff with sign 'K'. br Peter
#18   2015-06-25 Javier Briceño Valdivia Email
Hello, my name is Javier I´m interest change with you. I have many Crown caps from Chile and South america.send me a mail. Thanks.
#17   2014-11-29 Frank Marino Email
Hi, I have a Sam Adams cap that says inside #12 Chicago Gold 1995 International Award Winner. Can you tell me how to find out what it is worth? Thanks
#15   2013-09-03 Karoly Focze Email
Hello Collector Friend ! I'm interest swap with you.I collect the all kind of crowncaps,coasters,beerlabels,pocket calendars( only beer),and I can swap offer for caps.If interest swap with me,write answer. Regards, Karoly ( Charlie - CCI# 374.) from HUNGARY
#14   2013-09-01 MIRCEA IVANOV Email
hi offer 100 romania caps for onnly 5 euro include postage Mircea
#11   2013-03-22 Lore Email
I would like to know what "The Gardens" beer bottle caps worth?
#10   2013-03-22 Mircea Ivanov Email
#9   2012-07-12 Pascual Bort
Hello! I am interested in changing you crown-caps I have some have not seen you in your collection Where you want the send A greeting Pascual
#4   2011-12-31 Pavel Email
Hi Dmitry, I have interest for this caps : Nepal 493, 501 and Indonesia 1530, 1544, 1523. I can send you 5 caps from 5 new countries. Send me your email and i send you my scans. Best regards, Pavel